This is my first book in the 'I Matter Series'. I wrote this book for our youngest children of color as a way to enhance their self-esteem and to empower them as they grow.


This is my second book in the 'I Matter Series of children's books for early learners. Juneteenth Day is a very interesting and important part of our country's history.


This is my third book in the 'I Matter Series' for early learners. Imagining  what you will be when you are older can start at a very young age. It's never too early !


Pre-K All Day ! is the fourth book in my 'I Matter series.' It's a great way to give a new preschooler a glimpse into what they may expect during their school day.


This is the sixth book in my 'I Matter' series for early learners. Learning good citizenship starts at a very age. Hopefully this book helps young children to begin to problem solve and show kindness to others.

What Can I Do Cover

This is a fun rhyming book that reinforces color recognition and a little alliteration for our youngest readers. At the very end there are directions on how to make your own kazoo. Have fun creating music!


Rina's Forever Family is the story of our family. Some adoptions don't work out. We are fortunate, our family continues to love and take care of each other.